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ElectFarr Line Construction has years of experience designing and building power lines for homes and businesses. Put our knowledge to work for you. We bring the power to the people, one pole at a time!

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Our extensive experience in all areas of the industry gets you high-quality electrical lines at a great price.



ElectFarr Line Construction uses state of the art equipment and technology to build top-notch, affordable power lines. We stay on top of all current trends in the industry and new technology as it becomes available.

Servicing Residential and Commercial

Servicing Residential and Commercial

Our primary service is running electrical lines to houses or businesses that aren’t on the current grid. We can run lines for short or long distances, through almost any terrain. We handle all jobs, big or small.

Guaranteed to Pass Utility Inspection

Guaranteed to Pass Utility Inspection

ElectFarr Line Construction works closely with utilities to ensure that all local regulations are followed. Our drone technology helps keep us ahead of the pack. ElectFarr is certified by the FAA to fly drones for inspections.

Available for Subcontracting

Available for Subcontracting

ElectFarr Line Construction has worked with many major utilities throughout New England and the United States. ElectFarr is available for subcontracting and emergency service restoration after a storm.

Utility Pole Service

We bring the power to the people, one pole at a time! At ElectFarr Line Construction, we have years of experience installing utility poles. We follow the highest industry standards for digging and backfilling holes to ensure the strength and stability of all poles. We can put up a line of utility poles quickly and on a budget! ElectFarr offers a free estimate for all utility pole projects.

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Electrical Line Construction

Put ElectFarr’s years of experience to work for you! We build safe, efficient electrical lines for you. Wherever the local utility leaves off is where we pick up. After our initial inspection and estimate, we run lines from the existing grid right up to your building's outer wall. We can determine the best path from the nearest transformer to your home or business. Trust ElectFarr to bring you the power.

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Utility Line Layout & Design

Proper planning and design are important to creating the optimal power line for your home or business. ElectFarr comes to you for a free estimate to determine the layout of a potential electrical line. Once the land is surveyed, we enter the design phase. Using state of the art CAD design programs, we can build the most efficient, economical line for you!

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Underground Electrical Service

If you choose to run your electrical line underground, ElectFarr can do that. First, we do a full survey to make sure we won’t disturb existing underground cables. We have extensive experience with proper digging and backfilling techniques to ensure your underground wires are safe and secure. Eliminating above-ground wires helps protect them from storms and are more cosmetically appealing.

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Drone Line Inspection

ElectFarr is on the cutting edge of technology with our drone inspection program. Drone inspections ensure safety and precision for your electrical lines. We even subcontract out to the big utilities to do drone work for them! ElectFarr is proud to be one of the only companies using this innovative technology to improve all aspects of electrical line construction. We also use drones for the layout and design phase of construction.

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